Your dental health is our primary concern. In our office, we are committed to helping you any way we can whether it’s with or without insurance…in network or out of network… we are here to help.

Our doctors are committed to the belief our patients deserve to be treated equally (insurance or not), given all options when treatment is necessary, and then it’s your decision…not your insurance company as to the materials and treatment that’s right for you.

We gladly file your insurance for you as a courtesy and will accept assignment of benefits (payments) to come to our office. Please note, we do not guarantee any estimate of benefits or payment from the insurance company. It is the patient's responsibility to be aware of their own insurance benefits.

What this benefit means for you:

Dental Hygiene (cleaning) appointments: Generally your cleaning appointments are covered by your insurance. Payment is not expected at that visit and your insurance will be mailed directly to us

All other services: We will estimate what your insurance will not pay and will ask you to pay only that estimated amount at the time of service

You will receive a statement for the balance your insurance does not pay, if any, on any procedure including your cleaning visits

You are financially responsible for all treatment provided including any procedure not covered or paid by your insurance.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your insurance plan or payment options, please contact us by email or call 704-882-1113.

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