Comfort Philosophy


You will be treated to an on-time appointment along with extra touches you might never associate with a dental visit. Our philosophy is to make you as

 comfortable as possible, even pampered. The following comforts are available at your next appointment: 

Chair Massage

Comfortable dental chairs


Warming Blankets

Conscious Sedation

With a mouth full of cotton, you might not be up for conversation. Our wall-mounted TV's come with your own wireless headphones, and allow you to zone out with your favorite movie. Go ahead, bring your favorite movie to watch or listen to your favorite music while we perfect your smile, because here…it’s all about YOU!


Infection Control 

Both the doctors and their team share your concern about the spread of disease and want you to know your protection, care, and comfort are our top priorities. We work hard to safeguard you and our dental team against infections. When you visit our office you will see a clean, carefully maintained office that meets, or exceeds, the highest infection control standards. Your protection starts before you enter our treatment rooms. All surfaces have been cleaned and disinfected, all instruments and handpieces (drills) have been sterilized, and we have disposed of anything that is potentially infectious. Our dental team wears gloves, eye protection, masks, and complete protective wear during each procedure. After each patient, they discard their gloves, their hands are washed and disinfected, and they put on new gloves.


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